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What You Need to Know About Installing Google Earth Pro for Free

Google Earth Pro is one of the versions of Google Earth, a navigation web app and a product of Google. Although originally designed for commercial applications, this once paid version can now be enjoyed for personal use, for free.

If you still have the older, basic version of Google Earth, you might want to upgrade to GEP since it has more advanced features. Apart from the common features it shares with the “free” Google Earth, this version has a Spreadsheet Importer that lets you map addresses you can use in choosing the best routes to different locations. Moreover, it can be used for presentations and reports since it allows printing images in high-resolution as well as map out GIS data easily with the importation of large vector image files. More importantly, it does not only allow for measurement of straight lines since it is capable of measuring areas and computing distances.

Downloading Google Earth Pro

Aside from the fact that you can download GEP for free, installing this geobrowser tool is easy via the Google Earth website. There, you can download either the basic Google Earth version or Google Earth Pro. Also, GEP can also be installed in different Windows OS versions and on iOS and Android platforms.


The current GEP version is To enjoy its features, simply go to and click on the “Agree and Download” button to download GEP automatically on your desktop. Once done, click on the icon and as soon as a window pops up, click on “Run” to begin the process.


If you will be using GEP for the first time, prepare to input details, such as a username and license key. There is no need to worry about these since you can use your existing email address as your username and just use “GEPFREE” as your license key.

It is also utterly important to ensure your computer or device meets the system requirements and that you have enough storage memory. The download size of Earth Pro is around 31 MB and can be installed on several Windows version, including Windows 10.

If you still are not yet convinced why you should have GEP instead of the basic version, here is a comparison between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro.

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