What You Need to Know About the Horrible Game Performance on the Creators Update

What You Need to Know About the Horrible Game Performance on the Creators Update

More users have reported some issues with the Game Mode in the Creators Update which brought a lot of stuttering in several games.

Game Mode problems

It seems that Windows 10 1703 severely decreased gaming performance in the way of stutters and massive frame drops. Users reported that version 1703 didn’t scale the GPU usage correctly and this means that games dropped frames to 0 for split seconds because of GPU usage which went down to 0%. The problem is worse in case you have better hardware.

Users have been trying al, kinds of solutions and ended up going back to Windows 8.1 where the gaming experience has improved greatly, but most of them say that they prefer the looks and feel of Windows 10 and this is why a fix for the issue is really necessary.

Potential solutions

On the earlier insiders preview for 1702, you were able to turn off the Game Mode from the Settings menu. You can also do the same thing now. Under each program, you have to right-click on the shortcut and go to the compatibility section and click the disable fullscreen improvements. Even if this setting is supposed to be turned off when you disable DVR and Game Mode, it is not, and it causes problems for lots of users.

Other users said that the only proper way to turn off Game Mode is by registry edits and if you go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode it just says “This PC is compatible with Game Mode” and there used to be an on/off toggle. That toggle is no longer there.

Game mode and Disable full-screen optimizations do different things.

Microsoft seems to be aware of this issue, and a Microsoft employee stated in a thread from Microsoft Support Forum from August that the company is currently working on the issue and a fix will soon be available in the next insider builds.

Users are still complaining, and they are saying that they have tried versions 16273, 16275, 16275 and 16281 and all of them are the same in not resolving the issue.



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