Mozilla Firefox Updates for Android and iOS

Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular web browsers today with over 90 million users. It is available for Android, iOS and desktop platforms. Moreover, it boasts of fast browsing speed and uses less memory than its main competitor, Google Chrome.

A month ago, Firefox 54, considered to be the best version ever, was announced by Nick Nguyen, the VP for Firefox. One of the new features is the multi-process capability which allows for opening several tabs for multi-tasking. This feature is handy for researchers who have to switch between tabs while working. Called Electrolysis or E10S, this feature can handle four processes at the same time, a feat other browsers will not be able to do without slowing done browsing speed.

FireFox Focus

For Android users, there is this version which already achieved one million downloads barely a month after it was released. It contains features such as full-screen video support, instant browser launch and file downloads.

Firefox for iOS

For devices running on iOS and have Firefox installed, there is now the night mode feature that makes it easier to browse across the web at night without straining your eyes and a QR code reader. On top of these, Firefox also comes with a display of significant browsing history and the sites recently visited. Conversely, finding shortcuts is now easier with the inclusion of Feature Recommendations.

The night mode feature known as Nighttime Screen Dimmer can be toggled on and off. With it enabled, the display is dimmed and once the app is closed, your device will resume to its default brightness mode. This is available in Firefox 8.0 for iOS and this feature is not present in either Safari or Chrome.

With the recent one million downloads of Firefox for Android, this is a sign that this free and open source web browser is slowly but surely making its way to people on-the-go, those surfing the internet using their mobile devices.

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