Why Mozilla Firefox Falls Behind Chrome Despite Its Speed and Efficiency

If you are an internet user, you must either have come across Mozilla Firefox or have used it one time or the other. Although not as popular as its competitor, Chrome and is currently facing a falling market share, is in fact a fast and memory-efficient open-source web browser.

Why is Firefox not the top seed in the web browsing arena?

According to Andreas Gal, former chief technology officer, this has something to do with the dominance of Google in the market, specifically in terms of monopoly and marketing strategy. And in the industry of internet and technology, engineering and marketing go hand in hand, with more weight on target market access.

Have you ever noticed that if you are watching a video on YouTube using a browser alternative other than Chrome, chances are, the video does not load as fast as you expect it to. This is because Google will be pushing Chrome via overlays as well as bars at the top of the screen. With tactics like these and the free access to its audience, Mozilla Firefox will have a difficult time catching up despite having no engineering problems.

A Look at the Declining Market Share

One of the main reasons behind the falling market share percentage is that users running Windows XP up to this day are not included since they are not able to upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Also, there are those who prefer not to use the updated version and prefer the old one because the “legacy” add-ons were dropped by Google.

However, Firefox is still being used by more than 90 million users, a number that is not embarrassing at all. And despite not being the most popular browser, it does not need to be.  It boasts of features and speed that people who have the free web browser on their computer systems are happy about it.

Firefox Features

Mozilla Firefox is available in desktop, iOS and Android platforms and its features range from customization to experimental capabilities. Enhance your browsing experience with themes available for Firefox that you can personalize to your liking. These include Sea Water Aquarium I, Happy UFOs, Eset Android and Sakura Sunset, among others. Moreover, it uses less memory which ensures faster browsing speed.

When it comes to reloading, this performing web browser also takes pride in its new multi-processing features. This means that opening multiple tabs is not a nuisance and you can open several tabs at the same time and switch between them.

Are you into online gaming? Now you can enjoy 3D games without having to worry about lagging. Being a powerful browser makes it able to speed up ping times and optimize game play. When it comes to securing your privacy, you can now enjoy Private Browsing which automatically erases cookies, history and your password when you exit Firefox. More importantly, the organization behind it, Mozilla is non-profit. So, if you have Firefox installed, this means that you are part of a global community with a mission.

So, are you now ready to download Mozilla on your computer and enjoy a different browsing experience?

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