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Motorola’s New Unknown Device with Stylus Leaked; Is it Motorola Edge+?

Motorola Edge+

Among the many new smartphones lined up for a launch this year, one interesting leak is about a Motorola phone. There is no information on the name of the model Motorola is working on. There is no official word on the detailed specifications of this device, except what you can visibly notice from the leaked render. These include the stylus, making this a departure from the practice seen in the industry where a stylus is usually included only in the top-end devices.

Leakster Says it is the Motorola Edge+

The leaked image of the Motorola device’s front with the stylus is from Evan Blass who has leaked similar information on Moto and other smartphone models earlier. In his opinion, this smartphone will be called the Motorola Edge+. There is no way of verifying this right now.

Motorola Edge+ renders

What can be clearly seen is a display with a punch-hole on the top left corner and thin bezels at least on three sides; the bottom chin is slightly thicker. The photo indicates the two physical buttons on the side, one small and the other a little longer than that. You have to assume that these are the power button and the volume rocker respectively.

Some Assumptions on the Stylus

In the absence of any other details accompanying the render, a lot of assumptions can be made. The first point to be noted is that the stylus appears to have the provision to be inserted within the phone itself. That is how the design is normally done. The render is only of the front of the phone. If the rear panel had also been included, then one can get a better confirmation of this.

Ultimately, one can reach a few conclusions from this render. Motorola has a smartphone model in the pipeline with a stylus included in it. The phone may not necessarily be a high-end device. Finally, there is every possibility the company may use the MWC 2020 platform to reveal the full details of this device.

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