Motorola One Zoom – Full Specs, Rendered Images, Rumors and More

It is imminent that Motorola is expanding its “One” series Android smartphone with Moto One Zoom/One Pro. Currently, Lenovo is curating the next-gen Motorola smartphone. The name of the phone suggests that distinctive feature of the phone, which is, “Zoom.”

Motorola is going to introduce the newest “One” smartphone to its fans at the forthcoming IFA 2019 event. The event will commence in Berlin next month. The new rendering imaging of Moto One Zoom suggests that the phone will come in three distinctive colors. During IFA 2019, Lenovo and Motorola will introduce both Motorola One Zoom and Motorola One Pro.

Motorola One Zoom has a robust camera

The phone comes with a primary camera of 48-MP. One of the most crucial features of the phone is that One Zoom utilizes the pixel-binning technique meaning the combination of electric charge from the sensors into a single pixel. The technique enhances the light gathering capability of each pixel.

In simpler terms, One Zoom comes with the capability to deliver the best photo irrespective of resolution by using the light in its surroundings. The rendering images also showcase a primary telephoto lens that would provide a minimum of 2x to zoom 3x. One Zoom also incorporates software that allows the phone to click a photo with 5x zoom without distorting the photos.

Moto One Zoom also comes with a Quad Pixel, Dual OIS 13-81 mm camera. The Quad Bayer camera sensor comes with a 12 MP camera and a cutting-edge telephoto lens. The phone also incorporates a new camera mode, namely Night Vision, alongside an updated User Interface.

Specs and Design of the One Zoom

The rendering image suggests that One Zoom has a robust 6.2-inch screen. In addition to this, the display comes with a 2K Full HD+ resolution,1080 x 2340. Motorola One Zoom sports an optical biometric scanner by Goodix. The fans were expecting Motorola One Zoom to come with a punch-hole display. However, this won’t be the case. The One Zoom has a single notch and the brand’s logo on the bottom of the device.

One Zoom is a mid-range smartphone; hence, it comes with the latest Snapdragon 675 SoC that has 11 mm LPP technology. The phone will come in two RAM and ROM variants, 4 GB and 6 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

Moto has taken the right decision in providing a 4000 mAh battery in the smartphone because the phone will consume a lot of battery when the user would be using cameras. On the other hand, it has a USB Type-C charging module which is seen on Moto G7 Plus.

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