Motorola One Power Receives Android 10 Beta Update

Smartphone companies are becoming fast in rolling out updates for new versions of Android for their old devices. Android 10 was officially released in September and Android 10 betas for many devices from Xiaomi, Nokia, Samsung and more.

Motorola One series of smartphones are Android One devices which is stock Android. This results in a fast rollout of new updates. The Motorola One Power is among the first Motorola One devices to get the Android 10 beta update.

Android 10 Beta Update Rollout for the Motorola One Power

The Motorola One Power has started receiving the closed beta update for Android 10. The update is being delivered to the owners of the Motorola One Power who have signed up with the Motorola Feedback Network. The location in which the updates are rolled out is not sure as of now but if we look at previous versions of Android updates, they were rolled out for Latin America before anywhere else.

Motorola One power Android 10

The Motorola One Power and the Motorola One were the first devices to receive the Android 9 update too. However, it comes as a surprise that the Motorola One Power is the first device to receive the Android 10 beta update in 2019.

Motorola One Power Android 10 Update Details

The company has started rolling out an Android 10 closed beta update for the Motorola One Power. As of now, the update is rolling out for those who are registered on the Motorola Feedback Network. The update includes all the features introduced in Android 10 with the stock UI as we can expect from Android One devices. The beta update has the October Android security patch even though the November patch is available. It’s also worth noting that Google Pay doesn’t work in the current release (build version QPT30.52-2) but Motorola has ensured that it will be functional in a few days as they are working on fixing this issue.

Moto One Power Andriod 10

How to Update Your Motorola One Power Device to Android 10

There is no clear timeline for the stable rollout of the Android 10 update for the Motorola One Power yet. However, you can join the Motorola Feedback Network to opt in for the beta Android 10 update.

To roll into the beta program for the Motorola One Power and other Motorola smartphones, follow this link.

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