Motorola G6 Plus Latest Update On Specs and Improvements

This week Motorola is going to unveil its latest phone, the G6, to the market. By now it comes as no surprise that most companies do have to deal with a leak or two when it comes to information about their phones and it looks like not even Motorola managed to escape this. The lineup of G6 phones consists of the G6, G6 Play, and G6 Plus. The leaked benchmark results of the G6 Plus tells us all that we need to know about this phone.

Phone’s specifications

From what this benchmark test tells us, we now know that the Moto G6 Plus is going to come with a Qualcomm octa-core Snapdragon 660 SoC processor and that it is going to have 4GB of RAM and just about 64GB of internal storage. This does contradict a number of previous beliefs about this smartphone, namely the fact that people thought it would come with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. This may be the truth but only if Motorola releases a number of variants for their G6 Plus. So far, we know for sure that we are going to have 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

Based on what we have seen this phone look like, we can say that is going to have an 18:9 display with a 5.7-inch screen. Moreover, those that were interested in the position of the fingerprint sensor will be interested to hear that it will be on the front end. We will not be seeing smaller bezels on this design as they will still be quite prominent on both the top and the bottom of the front end.

Last but not least, the phone will come with dual back end cameras, out of which one is speculated to be 12MP and the second one could be 5MP.

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