Motorola to Cancel Moto X5 – Getting Behind the Scenes

There are rumors that the Moto X5 might be cancelled, though there has never been any official confirmation of the next upgrade to Moto X4. The Moto X5 is a continuation of the X4 released last September.

Scaling Back on the Cards

Earlier there were reports that nearly half of the engineering employees at Motorola headquarters in Chicago were laid off. Another latest rumor suggests that the X5 is going to be totally cancelled and the company is going to reduce its operations, according to the latest news on Android Police.

Latest news leaks state that Motorola is focusing more on its E lines as well as G and Z lines. There is a problem of declining sales with Motorola, despite the fact that Lenovo bought the brand in the year 2014 and attempted to make it more profitable.

Leaks on Moto X5

Though the company had never officially confirmed the release of the Moto X5, there were several leaks about it during January this year.  The news about the upcoming Moto Z5 came along with other Motorola phones like the Moto G6 and the Z3.

The leaks about the upcoming Moto Z5 suggested that it would come with a 5.99 inches screen, an octa-core processor having a RAM of 4 GB, a dual rear camera of 12 MP and 8 MP, a front camera of 16 MP and 8 MP, a battery powered at 3300 mAh. However, the launch has now been shelved.

Disappointed Fans

However, fans of the Motorola X line will be disappointed, as it has got great reviews from sources like Android Authority.  The phone is also available on Google Fi, so it does seem rather weird that Motorola is closing down this particular line. Previous leaks suggested that the new Moto X5 would be coming without bezel and a screen like the latest iPhone X, with a notch for the speaker as well as front cameras.

The company has probably cancelled the launch, as Lenovo wants to reduce costs and streamline its offerings, focusing more on the G, E and the Z series. The Moto C phone series, on an entry level, has also been cancelled, as there is no news regarding them.

Moto Mods

The Moto Mods lines is a significant part of Moto phones and it is good news that Motorola is still planning to continue this modular phone line, as it is a unique feature of the company.  Android Police claims that Motorola will continue with this Moto Mods line and support it in the future, though it is planning to place the focus only on those Mods that bring in considerable profits.

In another news leak, it is said that Motorola will no longer be partnering with other Moto Mod manufacturers. The company is planning to reduce phones for niche markets and will focus on offering devices that can bring in more profits.

The bottom line is that you may never see a Moto Z5 again from the company. Reading the reports, it looks like Motorola had begun developing the Moto Z5 line but suddenly stopped it and decided not to launch the new line.

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