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Is the Moto X Play Still Getting Android 7.1.1 Nougat?

It’s no secret that Google are already working on Android O, the eighth installment in their flagship mobile operating system line. In fact, even though the new Android was said to launch in September alongside iOS 11, the incredibly fast rate at which Google is burning through developer previews indicates that the final stable version of Android 8.0.0 could be launched as early as late August.

In the meantime, there are still some Android-based devices that don’t even run on Nougat yet, even though they are in the books for OS support. One of these devices is the Moto X Play. What is particularly upsetting about this situation is that it has actually been announced that Android 7.1.1 will be rolling out OTA to Moto X Play devices since the beginning of June. Well, the month of June 2017 is almost over, but the Moto X Play still didn’t receive its Nougat. So, is it ever coming? Keep reading to find out.

The Update is Surely Coming

Moto is a Lenovo-owned smartphone line that is rather popular among users, so it’s no wonder people want the new Android Nougat sooner than later. Well, the update is still coming, we just don’t know when exactly yet. The process has clearly been delayed by something, but there is no official statement on this so your guess is as good as ours. But, and we cannot stress this enough, the update is still on.

We know this because the firmware installation manual for the device has gone live. All that’s missing is the actual update, which is bound to show up anytime now. We just hope, for the sake of the company, that the update shows up soon, or else people are bound to get angrier than they are now.

  1. They are just bluffing nothing more . First thay declare update is in January end and after June . And now no exetly time for update. Lenovo just lose moto mobile brand value ….

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