Moto G6 Latest Leaks and Details – Best Features for the Price

Moto G6 Latest Leaks and Details – Best Features for the Price

The accelerated evolution of phones has taught us to have other requirements and to learn other usage habits. A decade ago the Internet was isolated in a laptop or computer, and now it is everywhere with us. With its development, we have developed the applications we share with. For all this, we need an intermediary, and this is currently the phone.

In this context, the phone should look good, but also work great. Moto G6 is a good looking model that would be difficult to fit into a budget at first glance. Somehow, it oscillates between the budget and mid-range phones. From May 24th, you can buy the Moto G6 from Verizon, only for $240 or if you want to, you can pay $10/month for 2 years. Although we have expected them to be released in the middle of the month, the process was late a little bit.

Best features for the price

The 5.7 inches with aspect ratio 18:9 screen gives you more content at a glance, but the resolution (full HD +) is higher than the Play model. Then the price is unbeatable, which adds value to the technology in this phone. Last but not least, when it comes to hardware, you have at least 32 GB of storage on the hardware: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 and 3 GB of RAM, that you can fill with a micro SD card.

The processor is a mid-range, but with eight cores for the daily processing you need, in the applications you use. It’s all you need for a modern functional phone. The camera of 12 megapixels with f / 1.8 and one 5 MP with f / 2.2 (selfie: 8 MP) is the best you could get for the price. The camera can point to an object or a mark instantly. It can get relevant Google search data. The operating system is Android Oreo and the battery has 3,000 mAh with TurboCharge for fast charging, so you can quickly charge your phone if there is an emergency. Motorola has been among the first manufacturers to capitalize on battery technology.

These are some of the qualities that Moto X has and I have appreciated on the G6 model of 2018. The Android OS is not full of apps. I like neither complicated interfaces; nor hundreds of preinstalled applications. But I believe in something: the phone must help you, not disturb you.

Moto G6 is the middle phone between Plus and Play. It offers the best between the two – hardware and price – without imposing any claims or conditions. It simply works and, once the cost is no longer a problem, technology can be judged for what it really is.

How it looks like

It is a design line taken from all the three models. It has a curved back, comfortable to hold and a finish that gives you the impression of a polished jewelry. The back is brilliant, with a shade of color that gets new tones every time the light falls on it differently.

The rear-facing cameras feature the brand-specific style. I’m in a circle where the two sensors are like two eyes through which you see and immortalize the world. Only the Moto G6 Play does not have two cameras, and there is only a sensor-dominated circle.

Where you can get this new “baby-tech”

Verizon isn’t the only place you can purchase the new phone. You can also buy it from Wireless, Ting or TracFone, but, unfortunately, they did not tell us at what price would the new version be available. The retailers Best Buy, B&H Photo, Target, Wal-Mart or Fry’s will also have an offer for the new release. The cost of $249 will be announced by Best Buy.


It’s remarkable that the Moto G6 Play has an impressive 4,000 mAh battery. The HD + resolution screen does not have such an impact on autonomy, and that makes it an excellent choice when you know you do not sit too close to a socket. In fact, this is the “special thing” you should remember this phone. Take easy two days of autonomy.

We will mention three features for which we would recommend this phone: the screen, the price, and the hardware. It’s a must for people who have turned the phone into a tool that helps them do their work better.

My personal opinion

We judge a phone based on some tasks: reading texts, taking pictures and navigating quickly among various emails, news, social media, etc. In this context, I appreciate when I see more text than I was accustomed to a year ago on the phone screen.

I use the Pocket app and I’m glad when I do not have to scroll too often. All of the above-mentioned phones are energy-consumers, especially because they use 4G, and WiFi all the time, and the screen is more often open than shut down. Saving in this context is a fast battery charge. At the end of the test, using the Moto G6 phone, I could say that if you want to make a judgment, you should start from how fast it is charging.

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