Moschino X Sims 4 Collection to go LIVE in-game and in the real world

There is a new DLC stuff pack coming soon for the popular video game The Sims 4, and all of you fashionistas are going to love it. Sims 4 had announced a collaboration with Moschino, the high-end Italian fashion label a while ago, and that collaboration is about to go live now. So far, the move has been receiving an amazing response, and fans are really digging the cool new looks already. What makes this new stuff pack even more interesting is that the fashion wear articles will not only be available in the game but also in the real world. This is definitely a clever move by Sims’ producers from a business perspective, as players would love to resonate their Sims’ look in real life this way.

The trailer for the Moschino stuff pack was released recently on twitter, giving us a sneak peek into some of the trendy cool fashion-wear items that will be released in the stuff pack. EA wrote in a statement, “Moschino is where pop culture meets the runway, and their creative director Jeremy Scott is known for his tongue-in-cheek designs”. Well, one thing is certain, that the collection isn’t going to disappoint – be it in the game or in the real world. While no extensive details have been released yet, here’s what we have figured out so far:

What we know about the pack so far

The trailer is out already, and it displays some of the items that will be up for grabs soon. So far we have spotted Moschino branded bomber jackets, Dresses, and T-shirts, flaunting the iconic Moschino bear graphics. Moreover, there’s even going to be some décor related updates, as the pack will let players make their Sims freelance fashion photographers in the game and take up photography gigs. Don’t fret about it too much; the gig is going to be exactly what it sounds like – your Sim will have to do photoshoots for other Sims in various outfits on various sets, send them for approval and get paid.

The real world Moschino Collection

Moschino will also be letting out a Sims capsule collection in the real world, from which fans can grab some limited edition Sims clothing and accessories. The collection is labeled Moschino x The Sims, and it’ll be releasing some cool Sims graphic tees and hoodies, along with a highly anticipated Lycra pixilated dress featuring the iconic Moschino belt print. Other than clothes, the collection will also have limited edition Sims phone cases, bags, swimming briefs, etc. The entire collection sports the iconic pixilated textures and bright colors, which give it a straight-outta-Sims-universe appeal.

The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack will be up on PC and Mac worldwide on August 13, and on the console by September 3. Whereas the real world Moschino x The Sims collection has gone LIVE and is available for purchase now on Moschino’s website. Hurry up! You wouldn’t want to miss this if you’re a real Sims fan! Stay tuned for more updates on Sims 4.

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