More Pain for Huawei – After Google, No Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Either

The ban on Huawei by the US government has hurt the company. Since the executive directive by the Trump administration forbids organizations in the US from buying and selling anything from the Chinese company, many software and hardware companies, as well as telecom operators, have been compelled to discontinue relations with Huawei. The most colossal blow to Huawei has been the deprivation of its license to use the commercial version of Android. Now, Facebook is reportedly cancelling partnership with the Chinese company and will not permit its apps to be pre-installed on Huawei and Honor devices anymore.

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram come pre-installed on the majority of smartphones from Huawei and Honor. However, with this decision from Facebook, Huawei will not be able to provide these apps to the user’s right out-of-the-box anymore. For the sake of clarification, these apps will continue to work perfectly on Huawei or Honor devices.


The forthcoming smartphones from the company will no longer arrive with these apps pre-installed, however, users will still be able to download Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp onto their smartphones via Google Play Store. While Huawei devices manufactured post-August 2019 are most likely to lose permission to Google’s apps and services including the Play Store, users can find these apps through Huawei’s own app store – AppGallery.

Will this move by Facebook affect the sales of the Huawei and Honor devices?

The decision by Facebook to break its ties with Huawei has dampened the prospects of future sale for Huawei Technologies Co Ltd., whose smartphone business has been its biggest revenue generator in the previous year, supported by robust growth in Europe and Asia.

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed in an emailed statement that they are following the US Commerce Department’s directives and also reviewing the more recently issued interim general license to Huawei and taking steps to ensure compliance. Apparently, Huawei declined to comment on the ongoing crisis.

The US government has also been requesting its allies to discontinue its business ties with Huawei. The company has been blamed for using its merchandise for spying. However, Huawei’s chairperson announced this week the company is prepared to sign a ‘No-Spy agreement’ with the US government.

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