Your Mobile Phone Could Soon Become A Passport

A company wants to fully eliminate the kind of passport that we all use in the present.

In recent years, the smartphones have received an increasingly important role in people’s lives. In fact, many people say that the mobile phone is the most valuable thing they own, because of the huge amount of personal information stored on it. And if the company named “De La Rue” will manage to bring its plan to an end, its importance will only grow in the next period.

That’s because De La Rue, the largest commercial producer of banknotes and passports is currently working on a technology where the passport could be safely stored in the memory of a mobile phone. This technology would allow smartphone owners to have a passport on a mobile phone, just like having the boarding pass when they are going to perform a flight. But, as we all expected, although the project is in the initial phase, various people have already expressed some concern regarding this act.

“Technology is one of the most important things for De La Rue and as you would expect, we are permanently considering innovations and new tech solutions for our customers. The “paperless” passports are one of the many initiatives which we pay attention now, but, for the moment, it’s a concept found in the early stages of development”, said a company representative.

The usual passports are already integrating a chip that compares the owner figure with the one stored on the passport, so a similar element could be embedded into the smartphones. Thus, the communication between the mobile device and the reader would be done through wireless, as an extra safety measure.

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