Miniature Apple iPhone X Mini Concept Looks So Cute

Miniature Apple iPhone X Mini Concept Looks So Cute

There are iPhone X Mini concept pictures floating around. These look extremely adorable. These may not be ultimately manufactured and sold. But the artist’s imagination starts running wild and out comes something like this.

Inspired by Real Life Experiences

The creator of the concept model, Dongjae “Krystofer” Kim, has been making miniatures of many articles and he displays them on his site. There are automobiles and monuments and so on. He has said he found some users struggling to cope with the large size smartphones, particularly the iPhones in the last two years and then felt what if Apple were to make a no-frills iPhone of this size which is 40% smaller than the 2018 release from Apple, the iPhone XS.

Apple iphone X Mini

Apple Too Had Believed in Smaller Phones

Interestingly, for a very long time, Apple had thought on the lines of what Kim is thinking now. The company said it won’t enlarge the display sizes of its phones beyond the 4-4.5 inch levels. There is still demand among a large section of the user community for the iPhone SE which has a smaller display. There have been reports of the company having plans to release a sequel, the iPhone SE 2. But Apple is yet to release that phone.

These Concept Phones Have Dazzling Colors

If you look at the images of the concept iPhone X Mini phones, one of the aspects that attract you are the range of colors the designer has made them in. There would be the yellow and the baby pink and green and bright red and a few others. You would want to own all of them in one go. And you can add your ideas to go with the concept shown here. You could choose a lighter OS (like the Android Go) and then what kind of processor would you suggest?

Apple iphone X Mini concept

This could indeed turn into a game and the best matching specs can be rewarded and some phone maker can take the permission from Apple and come out with the device after all! Maybe even Apple will be impressed with the designs and concepts and develop something for the kids, say and gain a niche market. As mentioned, there is no end to allowing your imagination to go all over.



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