[Mini-Review] Overture

[Mini-Review] Overture

Overture is an action-adventure game similar to Zelda, The Binding of Isaac and the other games of the genre, launched last year in January by the folks at Black Shell.

Overture is the kind of game where attention and speed of reaction are everything that matters, as you will constantly have to kill enemies on the left and the right, in order to collect items and become stronger. Overture is not a dungeon crawler game, it’s more of a grinding game. To move from one stage to another, it takes a long time. Perhaps due to the graphics, Overture seems like an easy indie game, however, this is not the case, but let’s start with the beginning.


Before getting into the levels which are referred to as Floors, the player must choose the first class you play. These are four in number:

  • Warriors: Knight, Soldier, Peltast, Barbarian, Brute
  • Rogues: Ranger, Rogue, Duelist, Thief, Trickster, Bandit
  • Mages: Wizard, Witch, Invoker, Warlock, Necromancer, Arsonist
  • Shamans: Cleric, Priestess, Paladin, Monk, Justicar, Druid


All these characters can be unlocked as you progress. Moreover, each character can be upgraded, receiving various stats for in exchange for a fixed amount of gold.

Gold can be obtained from chests or from killing monsters from each Floor. At the same time, the player can collect XP and items which can be used on levels with a higher degree of difficulty or Boss Battles.

Most often, the monsters will come in waves (which is why I said that the Overture requires speed responsiveness), and it’s essential to survive, because if you die, you have to start the game from 0. But there is also a small catch, because, in addition to gold and other items, the player may find Health and Mana Potions which will help him survive the Floor.

And because this was not hardcore enough, throughout the Floor the player can encounter hidden traps that will hide extra waves of monsters, an increased number than the normal ones.


All good so far, but before getting to the Boss Battle, there is a mini-Boss Battle before leaving the Floor. And it’s not easy at all since the damage of the first Boss Battle is pretty big and often you might find yourself in the situation where you’ll die right in the first Floor.

It’s hard to get close to the boss, and usually, you need 2-3 helpers near you, creeps found in special boxes that will help quite a lot at the second Boss. However, Boss Battles will become easier once the hero will have a few upgrades.

Overture “is packed” with four Achievements on Steam, and we believe that is sufficient, given the fact that they are about completing the game with every class.



We are already used for the most typical indie to have 2D graphics, and this is valid for Overture as well. Given that the system requirements are not very high, the FPS is not a problem in this game. However, the only bad part about the game would be score points, that most often blocks the view of the items and the monsters around you, and maybe not once you might get the feeling that you don’t know what hit you.


Overture enjoys a multitude of Floors, so you won’t play the same Floor two or three times in a row. They differ in size too, not just difficulty. Even monsters have plenty of forms – from Skeletons to Bats to Archers.

Basically, Overture is a very colorful game and quite often the Visual effect of incoming projectiles will leave you the impression that you will die.


The soundtrack is quite nimble and dynamic, the incoming damage sound having a pretty strong impact on the player.

+ Number of heroes
+ Floor with different degrees of difficulty
+ Diversity of characters in game
+ Very good Graphics
+ Simple controls to use

– The number of traps on the map
– Some floors are debalansate



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