Mini iPhone X New Plans Leaked

We have been waiting for some time now to get our hands on the latest rumors surrounding any Apple related topics. The company is set to release this September a new line of the device, and we are more than ready to find out all that we can about them. Today we will talk to you about the most recent leak that we have regarding Apple’s latest line up of smartphones for 2018.

Mini iPhone X Leak

This leak originates from Olixar, a famous case maker, who has not let us down in the past with most of the predictions that it stated. It came up with some new updated information on iPhone. A little while back the case maker noted that the company would release what they called a “mini iPhone X” which would be no bigger than the iPhone SE.

Today Olixar has confirmed Apple’s new models which will be for some of the biggest devices that the tech giant has created up to date. They are so sure about this that they have already started to work on manufacturing accessories to fit these models.

This means that the mini iPhone X is but a thing of the past. This year’s line-up is most likely going to be made up of a 5.8-inch iPhone X, a 6.1-inch iPhone X (said to be the budget-friendly option this year) and last but not least, a giant 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.  Their statements check out since a number of other related sources have pointed towards a similar direction.

We cannot stress the fact that Olixar is a reliable source enough. In the past, all of their leaks checked out which push us to believe that what they are saying right now is most likely the truth. The company has a history of leaking design for the Galaxy S9, the Note 8, the Note 7, the iPhone 7 and even for iPhone X.

The one thing that Olixar has not shown in these leaked design models is the back of the phone, which leaves room for a lot of interpretation. Most people believe that Apple will add an all-glass back to this year’s line-up of phones and some even like to entertain the idea that the company might add a triple lens camera to their most expensive variants. Of course, a number of other sources point to the fact that iPhone X Plus will only come with a dual camera setup on the back so do not get too excited this far in the game.

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