Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 to be Available in 2019 – Latest Improvements and Changes

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 to be Available in 2019 – Latest Improvements and Changes

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 might not be a device meant for the regular PC fan, but it surely is a device that is bound to catch the attention of a significant number of companies. This device marks another exciting moment in the evolution of the device business. Most companies now focus their attention on open offices, and it is believed that shortly (three years to be more exact) the global workforce is going to be mobile. This means that huddle rooms and team spaces will have to focus on incorporating some new devices to facilitate the fast pace of a new work environment.

Today we will be talking about why Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 is the new high-tech device that almost every big company will want to purchase and put into their offices. We will also address the features of the Surface Hub 2 and how they differ from the original Surface Hub. We will touch on a topic that is on the minds of almost everyone, namely when the Surface Hub 2 will be launched and how much will it cost.

First Surface Hub

The first Hub was an impressive device that revolutionized how work meeting takes place in the office. You need to be first aware of the fact that the Surface Hub is not meant for the average consumer, it is slightly more focused on being used by large companies. So how does it work? Well, the concept behind the Hub is rather simple. When you are in a work meeting, and you need to present something to your colleagues you can do this through a simple Skype call.

The first Surface Hub was debuted by Microsoft at an event in January 2015. A year later the device was launched. It cost 22 thousand dollars and the display was either 55-inches or 82-inches, coming in two variants. The price certainly put in into a category meant for big enterprises. The surface of the Hub was simple, focusing on Skype and whiteboard compatibility as the main go-to features.

The improvements of Surface Hub 2

What makes the Surface Hub 2 so different? What did Microsoft change and improve? Well, first of all, the size of the device is going to be 50.5-inches, and it will sport the “4K Plus” display with a 3:2 ratio with very thin bezels on its sides. It will also be lighter than the original Surface Hub, coming up to be between 25 and 35 kilograms.

The device is also going to come with some features that will undoubtedly blow users away. One of them is going to be a rolling easel type of stand for a single unit. You will also be able to mount four Surface Hub 2s together next to one another which will create a huge screen. Microsoft is going to enable “immersive collaboration,” a feature meant to allow multiple people access to the screen.

The new portrait orientation of the Surface Hub 2 will allow it to rotate in place through an ingenious mechanism which is similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book muscle wire lock.

The design behind the device is focused on making it making it flexible and lightweight so that it can be quickly moved around the office if it is so needed.

If you want to use it, you just have to walk up to the device, use the built-in fingerprint scanner and then every user will be able to pull each of their work in a collaborative document. Sounds very futuristic, doesn’t it? Well, it looks like the future is finally here.

Despite all of this hype, Microsoft has not revealed as of yet what exactly will power the Surface Hub 2, so we will have to wait for more to find that out. In a worst-case scenario, we will find that out when the device will finally be launched.

The price point and release date

Speaking of the release date, Microsoft has not yet said when the device will be available to be purchased. However, they said that it would be available next year. The price point of the Surface Hub 2 is still a secret, but from what we know so far from the big company we can expect to be priced similarly to other competitive devices.

Despite this, we do not think that Microsoft will have any problems in the sales department since it is at the top of the competition at the moment. And with Surface Hub 2 it does not look like this are going to change anytime soon. Google has also launched a 5 thousand digital whiteboard last year, so if they come up with a new device by next year, we could see Microsoft have competitive prices with Google to push their equipment to the top.

Manufacturing problems

Surface Hub was so popular that it was sold to over 5 thousand business in over 25 countries. Even more so, half of the top companies of the Forbes 100 list own one Surface Hub, so this speaks volumes of the popularity that it has.

However, the single display design of the Surface Hub will make it easier to manufacture and shipped to customers. Microsoft has a problem trying to manufacture devices fast enough to meet the demand for the original Surface Hub which led the company to close its US manufacturing plant last year. We believe that this move was meant to cut production cost and speed up the production process at another manufacturing plant, but we do not yet know which one.



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