Microsoft Windows 10 vs. Apple macOS Sierra – Security, App Support and Updates

Microsoft Windows 10 vs. Apple macOS Sierra – Security, App Support and Updates

Let’s compare the Windows 10 versions of Microsoft’s OS (Windows 10 Home, Professional and 10 S) with the Mac OS Sierra.


Between the two OSs, the macOS Sierra is considered to be more stable and robust than the Windows 10. On the other hand, Microsoft has also progressed a lot when it comes to improving the Windows 10 OS and users are experiencing fewer crashes.

Feature set

Every macOS Sierra released has the same feature set across the board, but on the Windows OS features are locked according to the version of the operating system.

For instance, on Windows 10 OS, only apps coming from the Windows Store are allowed to run on the OS. Regarding the macOS Sierra, apps coming from the App Store are treated the same way as the apps that are downloaded from the Internet.

App support

When we’re talking about apps we already know that Microsoft is the king. If we compare the company to Apple, Microsoft has more developers that are making apps destined to run on the Windows 10 OS and this is the reason for which there is always a corresponding app for anything that a Windows user might need.

Apple, on the other hand, invested a lot on its developers for the Mac ecosystem, and since the launch of the first machine, Apple generated thousands of apps destined for the Mac OS.

Security: Windows Defender vs. the Gatekeeper

The Windows OS has been infected with lots of viruses, malicious programs and malware over the years and this is the reason for which every Windows user knows the great importance of having anti-virus software. Windows security has increased over the past years with Windows Defender.

The macOS is relatively safe against the same nasty issues that hit Windows over time. Apple features a similar app for the Windows Defender, “the Gatekeeper”. This was introduced with the Mac OS X Mountain Lion in 2012. But unfortunately, the threats for Mac have increased with more that 700% over the past years.


Software updates are essential for computers as they prevent malware and viruses from making their way to the systems. Microsoft has the same ways of updating as it used to have a while ago and every time a Windows machine boots it will probably update on the spot.

Apple managed to make the system updates less frustrating and there are fewer software updates that require a system reboot.

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