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Microsoft to Rival Chromebooks Soon – Hardware Changes Coming

A couple of years ago Microsoft was kind of intimidates by the Chromebooks. Instead of choosing to simplify the Windows OS and to launch devices that would resemble them, Microsoft chose the other way: they started to become offensive and initiated an aggressive Scroogled campaign, targeting Google. The tactic was not quite successful, and following up, Chromebooks have become the most successful devices on the American education market. Now Chromebooks seem to influence the PC market too, and Microsoft replies with the event they are hosting in New York City.

Microsoft’s Next Move

Microsoft should be unveiling a new version for the Windows 10 OS, that would represent their answer to the Chromebooks. According to various leaks, it will wear the name Windows 10 S and it will only be compatible with the apps found on the Windows Store. Besides this, it will resemble a lot the normal version of Windows 10.

However, Windows 10 S will have to do a lot of things in order to offer proper competition for the Chrome OS. The success of the Chromebooks rose so high mainly because of their low cost and simplicity. Meanwhile, to simplify the Windows 10 to match a model similar to the Chrome OS is not that easy of a task. Other leaks have been suggesting that Microsoft will focus more on battery life savings, to counter the Chrome OS.

Hardware Changes

At the same time, Microsoft will have to come up with some hardware changes too. And from what it seems, they will launch the special device called Surface Laptop. We also got some leaks about this one and it seems that the tech giant wants to market their own premium laptop which runs the latest Windows 10 version.

In the end, the Surface Laptop and the Windows 10 S have to balance everything out in order to become a serious rival for the Chromebooks.

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