Microsoft Surface Pro vs. HP Spectre x2 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

Although hybrid tablets have been around for a few years now, this field is one that is still pretty difficult to navigate. But why is that more exactly? Well, simply put, hybrid tablets haven’t been around for that long, so some people still aren’t used to the concept of a tablet that can also be a laptop yet. On top of that, there are no affordable devices of this sort, and for most of them you also have to buy the keyboards separately, which adds to the price.

Today we’re taking a look at two of the main players in the hybrid tablet game, the HP Spectre x2 and the Microsoft Surface Pro. Both the HP Spectre x2 and the Microsoft Surface Pro are comparable in terms of specs and they’re not all that different as far as price is concerned (both exceed a thousand dollars). So is one better than the other? Let’s find out.

HP Spectre x2

First of all, it needs to be noted that the HP Spectre x2 is the most beautiful device we’ve ever laid eyes on. It has a black and copper aluminum design with a sparkling black ash finish. On top of that, it has a sturdy kickstand that matches up to its looks, so it can’t get better than this, design-wise at least. But its specs are impressive too. The HP Spectre x2 comes in two processor variants, either with the Intel Core i5 or with the i7 on board. It has two RAM variants as well, the 8GB and the 16GB.

The battery of the HP Spectre x2 lasts for 5 hours after a single charge, and it has two USB type-C ports that come with type-A adapters included. It also has a microSD reader and a headphone jack, all for the price of 1,149. So yes, the HP Spectre x2 is not a cheap hybrid, but then again, why would it be? It’s great quality and looks amazing. What more can you want?

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro hybrid tablet loses in front of the HP Spectre x2 in terms of design instantly. It looks bland and unfinished, and its kickstand is kind of wobbly. Sure, you can make it work, but for a price tag of 1,559 dollars do you really want to? Still, the Microsoft Surface Pro comes with some pretty decent hardware on board. It has three processor variants, with two of them being the same as the HP Spectre x2, but also with an additional Intel Core m3 variant.

The Microsoft Surface Pro can last up to seven and a half hours on a single charge, which is a lot better than what the HP Spectre x2 has to offer. It comes in three RAM variants, the 4GB , the 8GB and the 16GB. As far as ports go, it has USB 3.0, Surface Connect, Mini Display Port, plus a microSD reader and a headphone jack. So as far as specs and hardware are concerned, the Microsoft Surface Pro offers a lot more options than the HP Spectre x2. It’s an overall more versatile device, which is always a plus when it comes to hybrid devices in particular.


Both the HP Spectre x2 and the Microsoft Surface Pro are very, very similar devices. The HP Spectre x2 has the advantage of having the best design, while the Microsoft Surface Pro offers more options in terms of hardware and such. But at the end of the day, which one you get depends on you and what your personal preferences are.

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