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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Expected Soon with Latest Improvements

Microsoft has recently announced that they will be hosting an event towards the end of this month, on May 23, in Shanghai. According to their declaration, they are going to “show the world what’s next”. Even though the company did not publicize any more details about the event (not even the time and the location), people have already started speculating that we will get to see the new Surface hardware.

Is It Really the Surface Pro 5?

Well, nobody can tell for sure at this point, but most likely this is the product that will get unveiled at the event. Panos Panay, who is the corporate Vice-President of Devices at the company, plus the Surface creator, confirmed the information on Twitter. Moreover, he used the hashtag #Surface for the post he published, which made even more people think that this is the product we should expect.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Panay’s presence has always been associated with the Surface line and their launch, which is all the more reason to believe this theory.

Future Specs

Last month, Paul Thurrot talked about the fact that the sequel to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 might run on the Kaby Lake processors and might feature the Surface Connect power connector. According to him, the Surface Pro 5 will not present any dramatic differences over the other model. And this might happen because Microsoft has committed to make the accessories of the previous device compatible with the hardware on the new one.

Even though this is indeed a very good idea, it can really backfire, if any potential buyers will not be impressed by the hardware design Microsoft has decided to keep. But remember that all this is pure speculation and that we do not know for sure if it’s true or not.

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