Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to Come with Intel Cannonlake Chips?

The much-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to ship with the Intel Kaby Lake processor, which were released in August 2016. However, there are rumors floating around that the tablet-laptop hybrid will feature not Kaby Lake chips but rather Cannonlake processors. This can be both good news and bad news for Microsoft fans who are eagerly looking forward to the release of the Surface Pro 5.

What Is Cannonlake?

The good news is that the Intel Cannonlake will feature an all-new architecture and is the long-awaited upgrade from the current 14 nm node to the advanced 10 nm node. This means that Cannonlake will be faster and more powerful while consuming less energy and draining the device’s battery at a slower rate. This is something that all tablet and laptop users will definitely appreciate, especially those who work outside the home or office and don’t always have access to a wall outlet.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will not come with an Intel Cannonlake processor. According to TechRadar, the Cannonlake chips are expected to come out in the middle of 2017. Considering that Microsoft is reportedly planning to release the Surface Pro in late spring, the company has no time to put the chips in the Surface Pro 5 and perform quality assurance tests. With this in mind, it’s highly likely that the Redmond-based tech giant will stick to Intel Kaby Lake processors, which are already available and ready to be used.

Delay in Release

The bad news now is this: if Microsoft does decide to use Intel Cannonlake chips in the Surface Pro 5, this will push back the release of the tablet-laptop hybrid for several months ― or maybe even a year. For one thing, the company will have to wait until July or August before it can get its hands on Cannonlake processors, and it will take the time to ensure the chips and the devices are working properly. For those who want to get the Surface Pro 5 now, this can mean many more months of agonizing waiting.

Two Variants

Fortunately, delaying the Surface Pro 5 is something that Microsoft can’t afford to do. Considering that the company’s sales are on a downward trend, it’s in its best interests to release the tablet-laptop hybrid ASAP. Because of this, tech experts are guessing that Microsoft will release an entry-level Surface Pro 5 with an Intel Kaby Lake processor in the next few months then offer a higher-end version with a Cannonlake chip later this year.

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