Microsoft Surface Pro – 2017 Edition – What We Know So Far?

Microsoft Surface Pro – 2017 Edition – What We Know So Far?

If you think it looks familiar, you’re not mistaken.

Set to be the next to its predecessor (the Surface Pro 4), Surface Pro 2017 came out with upgrades that are not so different than Surface Pro 4. Having the same dimensions and weight, the two are practically indistinguishable—the only differences between the two are the kickstand that reclines further and some design changes. What makes the new Surface Pro to be sold, though, is what’s on the inside: a breathtaking upgrade to the processor and graphics that pushes it to the head of the 2-in-1 class.

If you consider yourself a fan of the Surface Pro design, this is a slight but considerable upgrade, one worth taken in consideration. If, on the contrary, you are just looking for a conventional laptop, there are some other options you can choose from the Surface family.

One considerable design change is the slightly rounded edges, which are nowhere near as sharp as those from Surface Pro 4, meaning the air vents that are found along the sides and top of the tablet are much more subtle.

There has been a change in the power supply as well, offering 2.58A and 15V of output, with 25% more than Surface Pro 4.

The 2017 edition uses 2.5 GHz Core i7 – 7660 CPU, dual core Kaby Lake (7th Generation) Intel processor which gives eye-catching speed over Surface Pro 3, which had a 4th Generation Intel CPU built-in, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB PCIe SSD. The price is listed at $2.199 and if you want a storage upgrade up to 1TB, the price rises to $2.699. An i7 8GB model with 256GB storage costs $1.599.

The prices mentioned above do not include a Type Cover or the new Surface Pen, these two having been recently redesigned for the new Surface Pro 2017.

The same material (Alcantara) as the keyboard in the Surface Laptop is used for the new Siganture Type Cover and comes in three colors, Cobalt Blue, Platinum and Burgundy.

The new Surface Pro pen has more sensitivity pressure than the previous Surface Pen with 4.096 levels instead of 1.024 and tilt support for shading. If you’re not an artist and you want to use the pen for taking notes or basic sketching, the features might be overkill. The good news is the older Pen works really well with Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro kickstand goes now to 165 degrees instead of 150 degrees allowing the artist to remove the Type Cover and its position so it can be tilted at an angle of 15 degrees.

Windows Hello works perfectly and smoothly when using Surface Pro as a tablet or a laptop, the only minor issue being the facial recognition features because you need to turn your head if the tablet is connected to a dock alongside a larger monitor.

The battery life is improved mostly as a result of the Kaby Lake CPU. You will see a significantly better percentage of the battery after a full day usage.

If current Surface Pro 4 owners consider upgrading to Surface Pro 2017, the difference isn’t enormous, especially if the device is just one year old. The new Pen features might be attractive for artists but for those with basic productivity, there shouldn’t be a reason for rushing.



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