Microsoft stops supporting the Windows Phone 8.1 OS

It seems that Microsoft has finally decided to remove support for an old mobile operating system, which is the Windows Phone 8.1. In other words, anyone who has a mobile handset that runs on Windows Phone 8.1 will no longer get any kind of support.

We need to mention that everyone has been expecting this for quite a while, but Microsoft has just made the official announcement, which will surely disappoint some of the owners of older mobile devices running on this operating system.

We remind you that back in 2012, Microsoft has tried to “restart” its mobile operating system, but many of the features that users have been expecting have not been added. We need to mention that the third-party applications are very important because there are many people who are using them on their devices. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone 8.1 has failed to come with popular third-party applications and that made many users to just focus on a device that runs on either Android OS or iOS.

Since the support for Windows Phone 8.1 is ending, it will most likely be followed by the discontinuation of the Windows 10 Mobile OS, which will probably happen sometime in the next few years. We remind you that no new devices running on Windows Phone 8.1 have been released in the past two years, meaning that Microsoft can clearly end the support of it.

Now, it is very important on how the company will continue its job on the Windows 10 Mobile OS, which currently looks pretty good and works without any problems. Even if Windows 10 Mobile is not as popular as Android or iOS, we think that Microsoft is on the right track with its new mobile operating system.

Do you own a device that runs on Windows Phone 8.1? Will you purchase a new device that runs on Windows 10 Mobile or on Android/iOS?

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