Microsoft releases critical updates for Windows 10, XP and Windows Vista

This June extraordinarily Microsoft Patch scheduled for Tuesday is pretty unique. Excluding the fact that Microsoft is attempting its best to address a record of 94 susceptibilities, we are also seeing Microsoft providing security updates for some of the operating systems which were no longer supported, including Windows XP and Vista. Furthermore, Microsoft has changed from its usual approach of mentioning a couple select security issues with its Security Advisories notes.

This month, we saw Microsoft issue a great number of high-priority problems and its incredible statement as it follows: “Microsoft is announcing the availability of additional guidance for critical security updates, that are at increased danger of exploitation as a result of the past and endangered nation-state attacks and disclosures.”

Now is not the time to be relaxed about patching your condition. Simultaneously, Microsoft is trying its best to address two serious remote code execution vulnerabilities, the CVE-2017-8543 and the CVE-2017-8464, that have been reported as overused and exploited. Despite the fact that Microsoft will no longer be using the refresh releases technique update, the following product families will receive updates this month:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Silverlight
  • Web Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • NET
  • Microsoft Windows and many others.

Customers who have supported platforms with automatic updates enabled, for example, Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, are protected and do not need to take additional action. The best protection against these vulnerabilities is to always have the up-to-date system that includes the latest in-depth defense changes. Older systems, even if they are fully up-to-date, they suffer some deficiencies when it comes to the latest security features and improvements.

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