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Microsoft Promises To Repair Windows Store

The announcement that Quantum Break will be available for PC was a very pleasant surprise. The fact that it will be a Windows 10 exclusivity, through the Windows Store, not that much, because this distribution platform has a number of annoying limitations, as unveiled by the Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Being a part of the initiative for developing universal applications that work on any Windows 10 edition, the games that are sold through the Windows Store don’t have an executable file, and the files are protected. This means that no changes can be implemented unless the game has native support for them. The changes do not refer only to new content, but also to things like graphic changes, as often seen in GTA 5. Most importantly, being practically a different platform, it takes more work to create a new variant, and in porting to things like support for SLI/Crossfire, for borderless windows and many others.

Even so, the platform developed by Microsoft is still in a very primitive form, but the company promises that it will fix it. Apparently, the difficulties encountered by players will be addressed soon. Good news, because if they weren’t, then the Windows Store and the entire idea of universal applications would have disappeared as fast as the Windows Vista version of Shadowrun.

One may remember? Probably not, cause of… reasons.

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