Microsoft Office For Android Gets New Features For Increased Productivity

Microsoft Office For Android Gets New Features For Increased Productivity

The Android versions of the Microsoft Office application have been updated with new features, borrowed from the PC software suite. They can now provide mobile productivity with fewer setbacks, lowering the risk of losing documents and the collaboration for specific projects is now possible even when users are away from the computer.

The three applications, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are now auto saving documents at certain time intervals. This feature can now save the progress made in documents where the application shuts down, the device is blocked, or if it runs out of battery. At the same time, collaboration between Office users in real time is now possible on the mobile devices. Any document from the cloud can now be edited in real time from anywhere, either using the PC Suite software, the mobile application or the web interface.


Last but not least, the three productivity applications have received the ability to save multiple versions of the same project. Where amendments to a document does not provide the desired results, there is an option to return to a previous version. PowerPoint benefits for an extra function in addition to the other Office components, the tablets version now integrating a new mode, i.e. the”designer mode”. This provides the ability to add a photo and a template around it, that will automatically match in colors.


The updates for the three applications have already been released and are expected to reach out to all users in the days that follow. To force the update, go to Google Play Store and check the updates tab from “my applications”.

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