Microsoft Obtains Patent for Surface Branded Foldable Smartphone with Dual Display and Protruding Camera

Microsoft Obtains Patent for Surface Branded Foldable Smartphone with Dual Display and Protruding Camera

Microsoft has always made it a point to offer a radical design through their Surface devices. The same can be said for their upcoming dual display Surface smartphone.

Microsoft might possibly be in the process of offering a Surface smartphone, as it has been awarded with a patent for a folding smartphone last week. The dual display smartphone will close based on the latest spring mechanism or it could use magnets.

Winning the Competition

The Microsoft dual display smartphone will run on Windows software and can be used as a pocket PC, supporting Xbox gaming as well. This might very well be a feature that attracts iPhone fans towards Microsoft.

In addition, even Android fans can move over to Microsoft Windows, as the new Surface smartphone will come with regular updates and Xbox quality of games.

Camera Protrusion

The latest patent granted to Microsoft suggests that the company will be offering a sophisticated camera on its face side, protruding from its body, similar to the iPhone X models. This is radically different from the conventional camera on the backside.

The protrusion of the camera on the left, fits neatly into the cavity on the right display, when the smartphone is folded. This can be clearly seen in the patent figures.

Microsoft dual smartphone

Additional Camera Features

Additionally, there’s a sensor on the rear of the camera seen in the patent figure. This offers support for fingerprint scanner to identify the user. The face side camera on the dual display Surface smartphone will come with other features like gesture recognition and head tracking. It also comes with features like motion detection, night vision and also machine vision.

Supporting Brands

Tech brands that are expected to support the new Windows Qualcomm platform are Asus and Lenovo, along with HP and Dell. It is likely that these brands will be adding a new smartphone to their offering this year. If so, it will surely disrupt the market when they offer a next gen Windows mobile phone.

It will challenge the existing Android phones and even iOS phones to a certain extent.

Microsoft Design Contributions

It has to be said to the credit of Microsoft that the company has always been interested in offering new design features, rather than just copy the competitors in the market. For instance, the Microsoft Surface tab came with a keyboard having soft covers. This was radically different from the models seen in both Android and Apple tablets. The iPad Pro, had to copy the Microsoft model, despite having such patents for several years.

In another instance, Microsoft offered the Surface Studio having a large touch screen display, which was very beneficial to artists. The display was of top notch quality and the display could be moved from desktop mode to the artist mode quite easily.

Microsoft dual smartphone patent

Disrupting the Market

It is clearly on the cards that Microsoft is in a position to disrupt the market, with its new dual display Surface smartphone. Microsoft is very clearly aware that tech brands like Deloitte, SAP and IBM are entering their space, with Apple hiring HP Global Software, VP, recently.

The latest patent reveals that there are some surprises on the way from Microsoft and these surprises are likely to challenge the iPhone. Microsoft has clearly not given up on the smartphone segment, but clearly reinventing it with the latest Surface dual display device.




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