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Microsoft Eye Control Makes Windows 10 Computers Available to the Disabled

Stephen Hawking is one of the world’s most famous and unanimously esteemed scientists. His mass appeal comes from the fact that he can easily explain complicated notions of physics in layman’s terms so as to make them easily accessible to the regular person as well. But he is also famous for his state of the art computerized systems that allow him to more or less be able to communicate with others and carry out his research as effectively as possible.

Although his computer-generated voice has been the object of ridicule for many low-brow entertainers and their products, the truth at hand here is that Stephen Hawking is one of the lucky few severely disabled individuals that are able to still carry out their livelihood due to technology. But Hawking’s eye-controlled Lenovo computer that allows him to carry out his research isn’t accessible just to anyone, right?

Microsoft Eye Control

Well, before now, the answer would have been a firm yes. But Microsoft just revealed that the much-expected Windows 10 Falls Creators Update will finally include Microsoft Eye Control, which is very similar to what Hawking has implemented on his Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga tablet computer. Microsoft Eye Control will allow users to enjoy features that are very similar to Stephen Hawking’s state of the art system, such as text to speech Windows control, as well as the ability to spell out words more efficiently via predictive text.

Needless to say, this will be a giant leap forward for Microsoft, and it’s amazing to see that the company finally caters to the disabled. Windows has always been a very good operating system for the visually impaired for example, but it performed poorly in other ways. So it’s good to see all that change for the better.

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