Microsoft Further Clarifies Info on the Upcoming Project Scorpio Console

With the launch of Microsoft’s next console Project Scorpio approaching us, forums and message boards have lit up with speculation and controversy on this latest release. And the most recent rumor indicated that Microsoft was forcing Scorpio developers to make sure that the new device had the same frame rate as the Xbox One. However, Mike Ybarra of the Xbox Division over at Microsoft quickly took to Twitter to clarify this issue.

No Interference Policy

According to Ybarra, developers will be able to choose whether or not they want their games to have the same frame rate on Project Scropio as they do on the Xbox One. Microsoft isn’t forcing anything on anyone, and they never intended to in the first place, end of story. Ybarra then elaborated on the issue in another tweet, stating that Microsoft won’t impose any kind of limitations on game developers as far as frame rate and fidelity are concerned.

This is certainly good news, and we’re glad to see Microsoft take an official stance and put an end to rumors and controversy. The company has been marketing Project Scorpio for a while now as being the “most powerful console ever made”, which naturally created a lot of hype and buzz around it from the very beginning. And where there’s high interest, rumors are bound to appear, but Microsoft is always swift to deny them when that’s the case.

Official Statement Dispels Rumors

So, gamers worldwide, rest assured, because Microsoft isn’t forcing game developers to do anything. In fact, according to Ybarra, they are free to choose how much they want to exploit the tremendous strength of the Project Scorpio console. Microsoft won’t interfere in this, and they never planned to.

What about you? Are you excited for the launch of Project Scorpio? Let us know in the comments below.

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