Microsoft Build 2018 – Opinions, Features, Focus on the Future of Tech

Microsoft Build 2018 – Opinions, Features, Focus on the Future of Tech

Microsoft Build was an event packed with some moments that left participants bewildered. Not only for the tech part of the convention, where the company decided to talk more about their current projects and their plans for the future but also for their dramatic reveals, such as a demo meeting room that appeared behind one of the walls.

Things were truly organized. From what we have seen, Microsoft seems to be focused on syncing across all devices. This is not a feature that simply understood as linking your phone to your laptop; the feature goes further in some directions that seem to be revolutionizing Windows as we know it so far.

Be in sync across all devices with Your Phone

No, this is not a typo. Microsoft came up with a preview of an app that is currently in the works named ‘Your Phone’. Its main goal is to be able to sync an iOS or Android phone with Windows 10. This would mean that you would get to see all the notification that you would usually be getting on your phone appear on your computer screen. We are talking about mobile notifications from third-party apps messages, texts and you could even access your photos.

This feature is not out yet, is expected to be launched this fall with only a beta version currently in the works. It could become a total game changer for people are bombarded with notifications from various apps, making it so that they do not have to get on their phones every couple of minutes.

Changes for Microsoft

We have recently seen Microsoft introduce a new feature on Windows 10, namely Timeline. What Timeline does is allow you track the apps that you are using and what you are using them for, giving you the option to switch between them when you need to easily. Now, what Microsoft is planning is to make it so that Timeline would be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Android users will have this Timeline feature being introduced as being part of the Microsoft Launcher whereas iOS users will see this feature pop up in a tab on their Edge browsers. Understandably so, apps that would be able to be synced between your phone and Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s own, but the company is encouraging developers to start using this feature as well and sync their apps through Timeline.

We will also see another set of changes happening for Windows shortly. During the conference, there was a talk about the fact that the way in which window tabs work will be revamped. If before each tab represented a specific app now you will be having one window (or a ‘set’) which will have a Microsoft Word tab and some other tabs in Edge.

This will be a great aid for people that have a lot to do with their laptops, and they struggle to organize their tabs in a time-efficient manner. Now they will be able to pick and choose tabs that are related to one of the tasks that they are working on, getting rid of what we like to call “where is that damn tab?” stress which we see very often nowadays.

Partnership with Amazon

It looks like we are getting closer and closer to the day where Cortana and Alexa will finally be friends. Well, friends as much as the partnership between Microsoft and Amazon stands. The company has announced during Microsoft Build 2018 that you will be able to speak with either of them through Windows 10 on your PC.

This is not news since we heard about this plan being set in action last year. However, back then it was only a discussion, and now we finally got to see how it will pan out. You will be able to these smart assistants through one another’s platform. However, this is not as natural as it may look at a first glance. You still have to say “Amazon, open Cortana” or go the other way around by saying “Cortana, open Amazon.” During the demonstration, we saw that despite this small hurdle the assistants worked normally.

If you want to be one of the first ones to get this feature once it comes out for consumers, then Microsoft has a website where you can sign up to hear all the latest updates about the integration between Alexa and Cortana.

Microsoft’s plan to attract more developers

When it comes to app stores, they usually take 30 percent of the cut when it comes to the money that an app brings in. However, Microsoft is planning on making a significant change. They have said during Microsoft Build 2018 that they will only take 5 percent of the cut and leave the rest of 95 percent for the developers. However, there is a small catch. This does not apply to games, meaning that developers will have to come up with new consumer apps to be offered through Microsoft’s app store.

Now, if Microsoft does advertise the app, then they will take more. However, their new plan, even if it sounds unfair to some, is better than any other option that is available at the moment. This move on Microsoft’s part is made as a way to attract more people to their app store. So far they have had little success in turning people around, but this decision may be a game changer.



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