Microsoft Announces Changes in Windows 10

Microsoft Announces Changes in Windows 10

Most of the world’s personal computers and laptop run on Microsoft’s famous Windows OS. The program is currently at its tenth embodiment, and older versions such as Windows 7 are also very much still popular among users. However, Microsoft plans to get more users to get the newest version, so they always make sure that what it has to offer is attractive.

Windows 10 build number 16215 is the newest update that Microsoft is releasing for the current version of its popular operating system, and it brings many changes with it. Let’s have a look at a few of these changes.

New Action Center

Windows 10’s Action Centre is the place where all your notifications are stored and managed. And it’s now getting a makeover. The Action Center will soon have a separate section for apps, among other things, which will make all the more effective and coherent in organizing all your notifications.

Pin Websites to the Taskbar

If there are any websites that you particularly enjoy or visit more often for various other reasons, the new version of Windows 10 will allow you to pin them to your taskbar for easier access. However, you need to know that pinned websites automatically open in Microsoft Edge, so if you use something else (and most people do), this feature might not be all that useful to you.

Other New Stuff

The update also comes with tons of other new stuff, such as animation improvements for Microsoft Edge, as well as a few very important tweaks for Cortana that will raise Windows 10’s performance levels higher than ever. Cortana will even have a new lasso feature which can help you if you’re a stylus user, because you can now circle content in order to create reminders and such.

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