Mi Note 10 – Xiaomi is Rumored to Revive the Mi Note Lineup

Xiaomi Mi Note series of smartphones were recently discontinued by Xiaomi. The last phone we saw in the Mi Note lineup was the Mi Note 3 which was released way back in 2017. According to sources, Xiaomi is planning to bring back the Mi Note lineup with the Mi Note 10 which is expected to be released later this month.

Mi Note 10 Leaks

The famous leaker, Ice Universe, tweeted on 11th October that Xiaomi is going to revive the Mi Note lineup of smartphones with the Mi Note 10. The tweet also says that the new Mi Note 10 will be released globally by the end of October 2019.

The replies consisted of confusion regarding the Redmi and Mi lineups, comparison with the Samsung Note series, and excitement from Xiaomi fans.

It is also expected that the Mi Note 10 will be equipped with the 108 MP Bright HMX ISOCELL sensor that is manufactured by Samsung. It was reported that Xiaomi will launch 4 smartphones that feature this sensor and the Mi Note 10 is suspected to be one of them.

Redmi vs Mi Lineups

Xiaomi has two seemingly similar lineups that are the Mi lineup and the Redmi Lineup. We already have a Redmi Note series of smartphones and the Mi Note series is surely going to confuse a few. According to the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, both the Mi as well as the Redmi lineup of smartphones serve different purposes.

The Redmi lineup of smartphones is built to be “value for money”. They are made with the purpose of delivering the best features at a low price point. On the other hand, the Mi lineup of smartphones is made to showcase new innovations by Xiaomi by extending the price. The Mi lineup is essentially Xiaomi’s flagship lineup.

Mi Note 10 Specifications and Release Date

As of now, we have no idea about the specifications of the upcoming Mi Note 10. The smartphone is expected to have a 108 MP primary camera but that’s all we know. The earlier smartphones in the Mi Lineup featured flagship-level specs of their time with the first Mi Note smartphone in 2015 being equipped with Snapdragon 810 processor. We expect the Mi Note 10 to have similar specifications too.

The upcoming smartphone in the Mi Note series is rumored to be released by the end of October 2019 so we should get more details about the Mi Note 10 in the coming weeks. Till then, we have no option but to wait for a word from Xiaomi or a trusted leaker.

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