Mermaids in the Island Living Expansion are an Ominous Piece of Work

The latest expansion series of The Sims 4, Island Living, introduces yet another occult Sim, mermaids. In the game, mermaids can renew their hydration level by taking showers and swimming. The mermaids have the stats of the conventional human Sims when they are on land, but when they step into the ocean, the mermaids grow a tail.

The expansion pack made sure that mermaids won’t be able to surpass the vampire Sims when it comes to supernatural ability. However, mermaids are notorious, and they can change the mood of Sims by merely communicating with them.


Mermaids can turn a person into a flirtatious beast in seconds with their Charmer Lullabye. On the other hand, Maxis also provided the mermaids with another unusual ability called Aegen’s Question. This ability allows the mermaid to make a Sim burn with an insurmountable amount of stress.

Mermaids can affect another Sims’ status bar with Siren’s Call

Island Living might be the most ingenious and intuitive DLC ever released. The DLC introduces an island named Sulani, where the people are attached to their ancestors and culture. The Island Living also offers mermaids who are magnificent creatures, but they are menacing and sweet at the same time.

The mermaid in the DLC is equipped with an ability called the Siren’s Call which aids the mermaids in luring other Sims to the ocean. Once a Sim gets entrapped with Siren Call, they immediately reach out to mermaid, the sim is dunk underwater, and the status bar of the Sims is affected.

Many gamers regard this feature as notorious, intelligent, and fun ability. The mermaids are also mean to the other Sims, and this also helps them fill their status bar. It looks like the mermaids in the Island Living expansion suck the life of other Sims with their occult powers.

Mermaid Island

Mermaids in Island Living create an exciting underwater black hole

The mermaids are equipped with yet another ability called, Summon Ocean Threat ability. The ability allows the mermaids to create an ominous black hole around the Sims where they are underwater. Once the black hole comes into being, the Sims look down to the blackhole cautiously. Nevertheless, gamers cannot see what is in the black hole.

The Sims tend to get into the uncomfortable mood, which adds exciting gameplay experience in the Island Living DLC. According to the sources, a Sim doesn’t die even when they are exposed to the Summon Ocean Threat continuously. Nonetheless, the ability of mermaids to lure a Sim into the ocean only to torture them provides a fun experience in The Sims 4: Island Living.

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