Mega Man 11 and the Mega Man Collection on Switch

Mega Man 11 and the Mega Man Collection on Switch

Have you ever wanted to be able to play one of those old school games but found that technology has been upgraded so much that old tech does not seem to fit in with new tech? Have you ever wanted to find an emulator to play one of the games that marked you childhood and created some pleasant memories that you will never be able to forget? Well, it looks like Capcom has just decided to make this dream a reality and release the Mega Man Legacy Collection on Switch.

Today we will be talking about the new features that have been added to this game collection. We will also be giving you a couple of details about Mega Man 11, the latest game in the series which is going to be released on the 2nd of October.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Before we go on and start talking about the real star of the show (Mega Man 11) we will like to tell you all about this new collection. This game came out last week for Nintendo Switch gamers. It includes the first six instalments of the series.

Hardcore fans will remember how difficult it was to have to complete each level. If your character died in any way shape or form, you had to start all over again and hope that you got it right. Does this sound infuriating? Is this the kind of game experience that might make you want to burn your game and throw your controller out of the window out of pure rage? Yes, yes it might be just like that.

However, Nintendo Switch fans do not have to stay away from the game just because of this unpleasant feature. Capcom has managed to atone for its sins, in a way, by coming up with a “rewind” feature. What does it do exactly? The name sounds promising enough. Well, this feature allows players to skip back in time if they screwed up. It comes in handy when you have to go through Toad Man’s stage, or the flaming dogs level back in Mega Man 2.

Some hardcore fans might complain that this feature sucks all the joy out of having to fight your way towards completing each stage. But doesn’t this feature just make the experience of the game more enjoyable for fans of the game who do not have the time or the dedication needed to spend hours on end to perfect each stage? We believe it does just that.

If you thought you were going to find the same feature with the second Mega Man Legacy Collection (which contains the seventh, the eighth, the ninth and the tenth instalment in the series), then we are afraid to have to ruin your hopes. The rewind feature is only available for the first six games in the series.

Mega Man 11

Last year Capcom was not able to release Mega Man 11 in time with the game’s 30th anniversary. However, they are making back for a lost time by releasing the game this October, as we have mentioned before.

The Mega Man that we knew and loved does not look like its original design, having more of a cartoonish look. However, the style of gameplay has the same feel as the one of the original game. We now also get to enjoy two new powers. The first one is called “Power Gear.” It increases the power of the Mega Buster. “Speed Gear,” the second power, slows down time. We would like to remind you that after these features have been activated, they have a cooling down period before they can be used again.

There are also two new monsters coming to the game. The first one is Block Man. His stage is made out of massive stone blocks. The blocks have some hieroglyphs of Mega Man himself drawn onto them.

The second monster is Fuse Man. His level seems to be inspired by electricity. We will get to encounter flashing laser beams and enemies that will create very powerful and hazardous electrical fields around them. What makes this battle tricky is the fact that the boss is super-fast and it teleports all over his lair, making it very hard for Mega Man to hit him and take him down. Once he does that Mega Man will get a gun that sends an electrical charge every time that it is fired.

What makes this game so exciting is the fact that it marks this 30-year milestone that only some game series get to live through. Our only hope is that Mega Men 11 will be a triumphant return to the series. We are also hoping that we would not have to wait as long for Mega Man 12 as we did for Mega Man 11. Once the game officially comes out, we will love to play it and experience the full storyline.

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