Meet The Simple Modular Phone Puzzlephone Through Indiegogo

The most popular modular phone concept at this moment is the Ara project from Google, which has not been realized yet. The modular phone is the concept in which you can change the main part of the phone with ease. This thing is impossible to be done on today’s phones. The modular phone allows you to change the processor, camera, display, or the internal storage inside. Recently, there is one interesting modular phone called Puzzlephone. After unveiling the project last December, the Puzzlephone team has finally launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, seeking to raise $250,000 in flexible funding.

The Puzzlephone is one of the simplest modular designs we’ve seen, consists of three parts:
1. a “brain” containing the processor, camera, RAM, and storage
2. a “spine” providing the central structure and screen
3. a “heart” holding the battery and secondary electronics.

As you can see on the picture below:

Meet The Simple Modular Phone Puzzlephone Through Indiegogo

The specs of Puzzlephone are quite interesting with full HD 5-inch display screen, 3GB of RAM, Octa-core processor, up to 64GB of internal memory and powered by Android 6.0. With only 3 modules makes it easy in terms of mass production and it is expected can be easily understood by users. The Puzzlephone’s earliest estimated delivery date is September 2016. A Puzzlephone with 16GB of storage is offered for $333, while for 32GB, it costs $444. For a limited edition handset with copper detailing, you have to spend $777. If are interested, you have to notice that this project uses the flexible funding instead fixed funding at Indiegogo. It means that the campaign organizers will keep the money they raise no matter what happens. Here is the video of the Puzzlephone.

Source: the verge

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