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McAfee And Its New VPN – TunnelBear Comes with New Changes

Recently, McAfee announced that they made an interesting acquisition: they are the new owners of Canada’s most popular VPN (Virtual Private Network), the TunnelBear company. Although this is huge news, the two parties haven’t disclosed the terms of the deal.

TunnelBear was founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada. Since it appeared on the market, the company has become famous for delivering a fun, interactive platform and an outstanding VPN app. This platform uses a funny bear-burrowing animation with the purpose of bringing online privacy to its’ users.

The developer claims that approximately 20 million people have become their users and used their service on both smartphone and desktop computer. This number is amazing, considering the fact that several months ago the company extended its’ services by the launch of RememBear app, an application that serves for better password management.

In fact, the company’s success and profitability can be one of the reasons for this fusion; since it is famous for its’ professional antivirus software for desktop, McAfee wanted to make sure that it still holds control on the online security market. On the other side, TunnelBear wanted to make sure that it has the proper environment for developing its’ ideas even further.

Now, the two developers will work together and try to provide users with the best solutions for online security. They are planning to develop an even more professional and modern VPN, suitable even for encrypting classified messages coming to and from the White House. The fusion will not stop each company to keep working on their ideas, each of them focusing on a specific branch – solutions for individuals or businesses.

Also, the companies will work together for developing a common idea that will revolutionize the cybersecurity methods. If you want to learn more, keep looking for information on the subject and try the new apps released by the two companies.

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