Maximize The Wi-Fi Signal Strenght With NetSpot

WiFi router is one of the most used devices, especially at homes and offices. This device is a simple solution that allows us to connect to the Internet wirelessly. The strength of the signal that is spread by WiFi router depends on the distance between the router and other devices and other factors including the interface. Therefore, the way we place the router is important for its signal stability. If the position isn’t perfect, the Internet connection can be slow and unstable.

Unfortunately, there’s no native software to help us determining the perfect position for WiFi router in a room. The vendors of WiFi routers only provide a software for setting up the WiFi and are not really concerned about the position. Regarding this issue, NetSpot offers the solution for your WiFi router.



NetSpot is the WiFi analyzer tool. This app provides a complete information about the SSID, starting from BSSID, the used channel, security, etc. These are the information used for troubleshooting or finding out which WiFi has a better signal for better connectivity. Moreover, it also has a feature to find the best place to put WiFi router in your home or office based on collected data. All you need is MacBook laptop with OS X 10.6 or later, which is connected to WiFi through the router.


Let’s get it started

WiFi router provides you options to create a WiFi signal zone. You can load image files, draw, sample map or blank map. You can choose the map size that represents the area you want to scan. The next step is to walk in your area with your laptop in various positions. Click the corresponding location on the map that tells NetSpot performing an on-the-spot scan of all WiFi signals. The more spots you mark, the better result you will get.

NetSpot will describe your WiFi router hotspot in different colors (heat map). NetSpot gives an information regarding the signal strength in various color options. For instance, red and yellow colors mean those areas have the very good signal strength and green means medium strength.

How To Maximize Your WiFi Router With NetSpot

Here are the result you will get from the NetSpot:

  • Signal-to-noise ratio
  • Signal level
  • Quantity of access points
  • Noise level
  • Signal-to-interference ratio
  • Frequency band coverage
  • PHY mode coverage


  • Throughput testing with Iperf 3 or custom speed test servers
  • Upload and download speed
  • Wireless transmit rate
  • Iperf upload, download, and jitter

Using these results, you can predict in which place you will get the best signal.

The good news is that NetSpot is now available for Windows platform. Besides it’s free for non-commercial use, they offer other solutions for those with different needs: NetSpot Pro and NetSpot Enterprise.

NetSpot - How To Maximize

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