MATERPOST of Common PlayStation 3 Problems and Their Fixes

MATERPOST of Common PlayStation 3 Problems and Their Fixes

Note: All of your PlayStation 3 consoles are compatible with this guide!

PS3 Fails to Turn On

When your PS3 does not respond to your command to reboot check out the following instructions and see for yourself if any fixes your problem.

Power Cable

Make sure that your power cable is inserted completely and properly in your power outlet. If the plug is in any way shaky or loose, electricity will not flow freely to your device. If your plug is by loose or shaky in its socket, change its position to any other slot.

The Yellow Light

Most commonly known as the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) an indicator light on your PS3 first starts off with a green color. Then it switches to yellow. After that, it quickly turns to red and starts blinking repeatedly.

Your Play Station 3 displays this type of error for 2 diverse motives. So as you can understand what is the reason behind this error, listen closely to your ventilation fan. If your fan turns on for a very short period of time and then turns off, you have a trouble with your motherboard. But, if your fan does not turn on at all that simply means you have a problem with your power supplier.


A very common reason for the YLOD error and your PS3 failing to reboot, is a normal hardware malfunction on your PlayStation’s motherboard. Usually the error happens because your soldier joints that are situated between the CPU, motherboard and the GPU failed. You can fix this irritating error by soldering these chips to the motherboard although this solution is not 100% guaranteed; it is your best option at the moment.



Power Supply

A reason to why your PS3 is not booting successfully is because of your damaged power supply. Just a fraction of PS3s will display this yellow light for hinting a problem in the power supply. If your power supply is faulty then you might have to change it before it ruins your PlayStation 3.

PS3 Isn’t Reading Optical Media

Just like laptops and smartphones, PlayStations vary in size and thickness. There are fat ones and slim ones each designed with parts and bits that work with their thickness. The Blu-ray drives also differ with fat and slim PlayStation models.

A very easy method of telling which Blu-ray drive is fixed in your PlayStation 3, take out your drive and inspect it. If you see that your drive has an uncovered control board on its bottom side then it is guaranteed its model is KEM-400. But, if there is no exposed board then your Blu-ray drive has a model number of KEM-410.

If your PlayStation 3 is facing problems like not reading your Blu-ray discs or is reading them erratically the solutions below may be of help to you.

Solution #1: Sensor Board Broken

Only KEM-400 drives (the ones with the control board) have IR sensors that are used for alerting whenever you place disks in the drive. You can replace this sensor but it has been said that usually it doesn’t work. No harm in replacing something that is already faulty!

Solution #2: Defective Control Board

If you have come to the conclusion that your Control Board is defective then it most likely you will have to send your PS3 to Sony. Your Control Board is paired up with the Motherboard and it will only function properly if it has its original partner-board.

Solution #3: Congrats!

If your troubles have stopped by now, congratulations!

Solution #4: Damaged Lens

This part of your drive is extremely fragile and sensitive and very easy to break. The two Blu-ray drives have 2 different types of lenses. Depending on your drive type you change your lenses.

PlayStation 3 Freezes

Facing extreme lag or freezing intervals? Read below for instructions or solutions.

Reboot your PS3:

If your PS3 is freezing and ruining your game, turn off your game system. Simply press down on the power button until everything stops functioning. Then turn everything back on by clicking once on the same power button.

The Internet Connection

Is your online play getting interrupted every now and again with an irritating lag? Here come the solutions! First off ensure that your Ethernet cable is plugged in your device properly. Next try retting/restarting your router! If the lag continues to be persistent, then the issue lies on your internet connection’s side. In order to solve this issue contact your service provider.

Important: Online plays on PlayStation 3s cannot function if you are using a dial-up connection. Broadband networks only work!

Hard Drive

It is a widespread fact that cluttered hard drives slow down your PS3 greatly. If your PS3 starts freezing or lagging often after you load content from your Hard Drive, then either your drive has little space or is defective. You can either buy a new hard drive that has a bigger memory space or try removing a few files from your hard drive to make some free space. But keep in mind a fault hard drive has to be replaced at some time.


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