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Malicious SSL Content Numbers Doubled in Just Six Months

In this day and age, staying safe on the Internet has become our top priority. Our programs and technologies are becoming more and more vulnerable as hackers become more and more cunning in disguising malware so that we’d never see it coming until it’s too late. In fact, 2017 has been a year plagued by ransomware attacks, with the most popular two being WannaCry and its ‘sister’ Petya. And although the companies that designed the affected products (which became gateways for the threat) were always quick to act, the fact that these vulnerabilities existed in the first place and were relatively easy to exploit makes you think.

Although most security professionals have vouched to allot way more money in 2018 for developing new technologies to protect users from malicious third party attacks, we’re still in 2017 and we’ve got the numbers for you. The conclusions presented from here on further will shock, but keep reading because it’s important to stay informed.

Alarming Rate of Growth

If you didn’t know thus far, hackers make use of SSL content in order to disguise their attacks. Although this is a well-known fact, it’s still pretty hard for security pros to detect them in time. Although some attacks fortunately never make it, many others do and SSL content is to blame for that. Well, a recent analysis has shown that the number of malicious SSL content has doubled in the last six months, which needless to say is an alarming growth rate.

Is there anything to be done at this point? Well, we as users need to approach the online sphere with more caution, but the main responsibility for halting this concerning growth of malicious SSL falls onto the shoulders of tech companies. We can just hope that they’re up for the challenge.

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