How to Make your Windows 10 Device the Most Secure It Can Be

How to Make your Windows 10 Device the Most Secure It Can Be

It’s no secret that Microsoft has stepped up their security game considerably over the last years when it comes to their flagship operating system, Windows. With older versions such as Windows 7 or 8, the user also had the option to download and install something called Microsoft Security Essentials, which was an all-in-one security package for your device.

With Windows 10 this package became integrated, and is now known as Windows Defender. This automatically constitutes a great advantage, because it means that you no longer have to go to the trouble of installing an additional program in order to keep your computer safe. And while Windows Defender wasn’t much to look at in its Security Essentials days, it has since become a very good program that can hold its own against industry giants such as Norton or even Kaspersky.

It’s clear that Windows Defender still has some ground to cover before it becomes the best antivirus in the game. But it’s slowly getting there and, in the meantime, there are some things that you can do yourself in order to augment your Windows 10’s security levels. Let’s get started.

Enable automatic updates

Automatic updates are very important for keeping Windows 10 safe. This is why you should make sure right now that they are enabled and ready to go. In order to do so, type in Windows Update in your Cortana Start menu and then click on the Settings and go to Advanced Options. The drop-down box should be on Automatic (recommended) and, if it’s not, you can turn it on right now.

Enable Windows Defender

As we said, Windows Defender can be an important ally for you in keeping your Windows 10 device safe from any form of outside malicious attacks or other cyberdangers, but it can’t do anything to help you if it’s not turned on. In order to double check and make sure it’s enabled, go to Update & Security in your Settings menu. Then click on Windows Defender and make sure all the features displayed are enabled.

Check your privacy settings

Like any other media product, Windows 10 also comes with privacy settings that can be customized to perfectly fit your every need. For example, Windows 10 comes with a lot of tracking features, and it’s advisable that you turn them all off before proceeding with using your device. While these features don’t mean you’ll get viruses or any other malware, they are kind of intrusive and even unsettling at times.

Certainly you know that your Windows 10 is a Microsoft product. While Microsoft didn’t use to do this, it seems that it recently jumped on the same bandwagon as Facebook and other online giants and started collecting information from its users. And the type of information that your Windows 10 can collect from can sometimes be a lot more detailed than what a social media platform has access to, so be careful.

Enable and customize Windows Firewall

Another great security tool that your Windows 10 offers you is Windows Firewall. And the best thing about it is that its settings are fully customizable, so you can decide just how extreme you want your protection to be. Naturally, the standard settings it comes with are just enough for the average citizen, but if you want more, you can set them up yourself. In order to access your Windows Firewall’s menu, you just have to type in ‘firewall’ in Cortana on your Start menu. An option that reads Windows Firewall will immediately appear, and you just have to click on it and you’re in.



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