How to Make Large Image Files Smaller for Internet Uploads

How to make large image files smaller for Internet uploads? Sometimes, it feels annoying when you are too excited to upload your vacation pictures from your new digital camera then upload process go slow. Certainly, uploading images really takes several minutes or hours before 100 pictures are being uploaded especially if you are uploading large images. To avoid spending long hours on uploading pictures, you must make it smaller and lighter. Here are some ideas and ways on how you can reduce large image files:


 Make Large Image Files Smaller


First, transfer all your photos on your personal computer. Select the images that you want to upload to edit it.

Next, select your desired photo enhancement program. You may choose from the following:

Photoshop – Make Large Image Files Smaller

is among the mostly used software for photo editing that provides various tools to Make Large Image Files Smaller and improve photo quality. To reduce size of your image file, first, import your photo. Go to image tab, click image size then make it at least 800-1000 megapixels only or lesser. After reducing image size, go to File tab and select save for web, then click done. Save it on different folder or you may just replace existing file. After all, you will notice that the file reduces from megabytes into kilobytes only.

Lightroom 5-Make Large Image Files Smaller

is another version of Adobe Photoshop which is perfect to use in digital photography. To make large image files smaller, import the image file and Lightroom will do the job with a non-destructive editing. Open Lightroom, go to File tab, select Export then a pop-up export dialogue will show, resize your image file from the dialogue box and click export button then go back to file and save.

Punypng –  Make Large Image Files Smaller

is a free image tool that is capable of reducing large image files without sacrificing image quality. It will automatically convert your GIF into a PNG format and compress the image to make it easy to upload.

ImageOptim– Make Large Image Files Smaller

is one of the most convenient image enhancer to Make Large Image Files Smaller and  provides best quality. It can reduce large image sizes allowing users to save disks spaces and compress image size for fast Internet upload. To do so, drag and drop the image to edit on the window and your image will be optimized right away.

TinyPNG and JPEGmini –  Make Large Image Files Smaller

are online tools that allow users to compress images ready for website. TinyPNG and JPEGmini are capable of reducing image sizes 5 times smaller from the original size. To do so, upload images to their website and re-download it again. Upload it one at a time so that uploading won’t take long.

It is really convenient to make large image files smaller because you can upload your images in just a snap. With its reduced size, all your friends can also download it easily. If you want to post an image on your blog, it is also advisable to reduce it first to avoid problems in uploading.


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