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How to Make Your Cloud Storage Safer

Though it is something that has become really popular recently, some people are still suspicious when it comes to cloud storage. More precisely, they are worried about the security of this storage service. The common idea is that cloud storage is generally easy to hack, and Google or the parent company has access to all the data there. But let’s have a look at the most important features when it comes to cloud storage.

Safety Tips for Cloud Storage

There are some simple safety tips you should be following when it comes to using a cloud storage service:

  1. Read carefully the terms and conditions of the service. Make sure you agree to whatever it is mentioned there.
  2. Check that the uploads and downloads are encrypted. As much as possible, try to go for a service that keeps the data encrypted in the cloud. Ideally, It should also have a limit for the number of people who can access it.
  3. Do what you can for encrypting your data. You can have an active role in encrypting your data by using pre-encryption tools. Some of these are Spideroak and Boxcryptor. With them, you can encrypt your data even before it reaches the cloud service.
  4. Keep important things to yourself. You’re not willing to risk losing or compromising a particular file? Then the safest way is not to upload it anywhere. Whether you want to keep it away from your employer, the service provider, advertisers or even the government, the safest strategy is to simply store it on your machine or on an USB stick.
  5. Use private internet connections. Public connections are rather unreliable and can be easily hacked, so don’t upload important or sensitive stuff while you are using the library or a café connection.
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