Major Change Happening in the New iPhone Design

The time where small leaks about Apple’s next flagship smartphones are coming to the surface is finally here. This is why today we will be talking about the source of these leaks and what new exciting design choices they unveil.

iPhone design leak

Before we start discussing the new changes, we would like first to mention the source of the leak. This information came from DigiTimes. The source states that a number of integrated circuit vendors have said it loud and clear that Apple is moving in favor of the standard USB-C and less towards the Lightning charging port.

What seems strange is that Apple currently has a proprietary standard on their current charging port and moving towards an open one might be an unexpected choice. After all, their charging port is making them money since they are the ones who own it. This move may be driven by the desire of creating a balance between their laptop and iPhone ranges. But there may also be a series of other reasons behind this move.

The easiest and most logical one would be that Apple is finally seeing that the revenue from their wired cables and accessories is starting to decline slowly. And the fact that we may get a cheap knock-off charger or iPhone set of headphones that work just as well for one-third of the price is indeed a reason behind that. This must have started back in 2016 when Apple removed their headphone jack and tried to sell their compatible AirPods with their smartphone. In 2017 we finally had Apple introduce wireless charging.

Now, new iPhones are said to come with a wired fast charging cable in the box which is a move to stop third-party sellers from getting more revenue.

Apple deciding to move on to the universally used USB-C is a good move but do not expect it to happen this year. From what we understood, this design choice is still in its preliminary phases, so we are most likely going to see it become a reality with Apple’s next year’s iPhones. And even after Apple turn to USB-C ports, it will still collect revenue from older devices which use the Lightning port, so it is not a complete disaster. Just a redesign choice usual for the growth process of any big tech company. We know that some of you might not want to wait until next year, but it seems like you will have to.

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