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Magisk v13.1 From XDA Adding Changes and Improvements

Topjohnwu, an XDA prolific developer released a version of Magisk (v.13.1), adding changes from the beta release. The changes include Android O support and a SafetyNet. This new update allows smart phone users to use more advanced features and still hiding root. No more bugs thanks to SafetyNet.

The v13 beta was available only a few weeks until Topjohnwu worked out the adjustments needed. One big change is, for example, the fact that MagiskSU, magiskhide, resetprop and magiskpolicy are one binery now. The recent changes allow users to decide for themselves if they want to hide root or not. The new change allows them to use Magisk and not get detected by SafetyNet.

How to install Magisk?

The latest recovery can be downloaded at the XDA thread for Magisk. If you already have it installed, then you need to download the latest version and update the app.

Some changes made into Magisk:

There are no more shells script based mounting and the speed is much better. MagiskHide is enabled by default and it can remove unreliable list file monitor. The busybox was removed since it was cousing plenty of issues and all devices for read-write support have been unlocked. Multiuser support has been added and MagiskBoot binary has received moved boot patch.

A fix 13.2 is available now to fix the few issues users might encounter when using 13.1: for example the devices using Marshmallow had troubles getting root and they also encountered trouble with MagiskHide. The latest version is available on XDA or as an update in Magisk Manager.

For those less familiar with Magisk, they should know it is a universal system interface which creates a mask for your system and does not change it. Other similar interface is SuperSu.

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