macOS High Siera vs Windows 10 Creators Update: Too Much of the Same Thing?

macOS High Siera vs Windows 10 Creators Update: Too Much of the Same Thing?

There used to be a huge difference between what a macOS can provide and what a platform running on Windows can offer. Fast forward a few years later and we see a very thin line separating operating systems created by Apple and Microsoft. Both may offer more or less similar features but there will always be one that stands out above the other.

Here’s how they stack up against each other:

The Basics

macOS High Sierra is Apple’s follow up to the macOS Sierra and will be released sometime in the autumn. Microsoft, on the other hand, has already rolled out their Creators Update for Windows 10 last April but will be dropping a Fall Creators Update as well.

The Features

You can expect updates to be either loaded with new features or focus more on what’s underneath. Apple has gone for the latter with the coming macOS High Sierra. There will be few visible changes, with Photos receiving the most attention (the new version not only functions as a way to organize and sync pictures, but also serves as a useful editing tool). Other components where visible changes will be seen include Safari (it now stops videos from auto-playing), Mail (it will be more space savvy), Notes (can be pinned and now with support for tables), Siri (enhanced music-related requests), and Spotlight (can now track the status of a flight).

High Sierra also comes with a couple of new features that include storing messages on iCloud, capturing Live Photo while using FaceTime, and copying across Macs. The new OS also offers better family sharing and iCloud storage options and has an improved Touch Bar.

The biggest changes to High Sierra happen under the hood. It will support the Apple File System, which iOS users have been using since March. High Sierra also supports HEVC as a solution to an increase in high-resolution displays and 4K video content. The new OS will also have support for external graphics cards as well as virtual reality.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also come up with some interesting features for their Fall Creators Update. The major additions include Pick Up Where You Left Off (resume experiences across connected devices) and OneDrive Files On-Demand (files accessed through cloud rather than disk space). Another key addition is allowing the copy and paste of between connected devices (a feature that will also be available in High Sierra). The Fall Creators update will also support virtual reality.

One update that could have made a huge difference was Timeline. It’s included in the announcement but recent reports suggest that it won’t make it into the Fall Creators Update. The Timeline feature allows users to travel back in time, so to speak, to find out what they were doing.

Microsoft is also warming up to Apple as iTunes will be available in the Windows Store. There’s also a new feature called Story Remix which brings together photos and videos in order to create a “story” with its own music, transitions, and the like.

The Verdict

A public beta is now available for Apple’s macOS High Sierra but those who want a stable release can wait until it is released in the autumn. Likewise, the Windows 10 Creators Update is already available, but the Fall Creators Update will be released sometime in the autumn as well. Both updates seem to have similar features and both may have failed to hit the mark in some aspects (High Sierra’s concentration on features underneath the hood and the failure of Microsoft to include Timeline in the Fall Creators Update) but they are both good operating systems – maybe just not one that would warrant a switch.

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