MacBook Pro 13-inch vs. MacBook Pro 15-inch – Best Specs and Improvements Comparison

MacBook Pro 13-inch vs. MacBook Pro 15-inch – Best Specs and Improvements Comparison

With WWDC 2017 having come and gone this past week, we’re left with plenty of new Apple news and launches to ruminate on. One of the more minor, but still exciting reveals that have been made last week are two all new MacBook Pro models, the 13-inch and the 15-inch. These models don’t differ from their predecessors all that much, but they did see some improvements in the specs and design departments. Still, is one better than the other? Let’s see.

Design and Display

The two variants that we’re covering are those that have an integrated Touch Bar. There is also a 13-inch sans Touch Bar, but for the purposes of this comparison, it will be left out of the list. Moving right along, two very important aspects that need to be discussed right now concerning the MacBook Pro 13-inch and the MacBook Pro 15-inch are design and display.

As far as design goes, the new MacBook Pros follow the same tried and tested Apple recipe for sleek, elegant and light design. After all, if it wasn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. Both variants look great, with the main difference being that the 15-inch is bigger. What makes the 15-inch MacBook Pro bigger is its bigger display. Both devices come with a Retina display, but one has a 13.3-inch display, while the other a 15.4-inch one.

This means that the bigger device also has a bigger pixel resolution, but the image quality more or less remains the same seeing as the display has the same tech. The most important issue that arises here is portability. Naturally, the 13-inch is a bit more portable than the 15-inch, which is not only bigger in size but also one whole pound heavier. Thus, if it’s portable you’re after, the 13-inch might be a better choice. But if size is what floats your boat, then you should certainly gravitate towards the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Hardware and Specs

Although design and display are two important aspects to be factored in when deciding what device to acquire, hardware and specs are where the real battle is at. For the most part, the two variants of the MacBook Pro perform about the same. They have the same RAM options and same storage capacities, but the MacBook Pro 15-inch does have a slightly better octa-core processor, although it runs at a lower GHz rate than the 13-inch’s dual-core one.

Both laptops have a ten hour battery life, but the 15-inch does have a better GPU to support its bigger screen and crisper pixel density. All in all, the main difference lies in the size and portability issues first and foremost. As far as specs and hardware is concerned, both the MacBook Pro 13-inch and the MacBook Pro 15-inch perform very similarly, so it’s hard to compare them here. Finally, we will discuss money for a bit, because we know that that’s also a main concern when acquiring a new device.

Price Point

The MacBook Pro 13-inch is priced at 1,799 dollars, while the 15-inch will cost you a whopping 2,399 dollars. Therefore, the MacBook Pro 15-inch is 500 dollars cheaper than its smaller sibling, and you’d pay those 500 dollars for a bigger screen and slightly better hardware. If you’re on a budget, the 13-inch is a good choice, but seeing that we’re in the thousands of dollars range here already, you most likely have a more permissive budget on your hands.

Both variants are available for pre-ordering now, and will be dispatched as soon as possible to buyers around the world.

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