New MacBook Air Coming in 2018 – Features, Specs and Release Date

New MacBook Air Coming in 2018 – Features, Specs and Release Date

Most Apple fans know that a new MacBook Air is long overdue since they have been waiting almost 8 years for one. The struggle is real, as some may say since fans of the affordable and performance oriented laptop are more than ready to see Apple come up with a new laptop.

Today we will be talking about all the rumors that we have heard about a new MacBook Air including the changes that have been done in the past and when Apple is going to release this laptop.

MacBook Air’s history

When Apple launched its first MacBook Air back in 2010 people were raging to get their hands on a laptop that was one of the best ones at the time. However, as time passed Apple looked like it suddenly forgot to work on improving the feature of the original laptop. There have been a number of small updates done in the past, for example back in 2017 when the company came out with a new laptop, named the MacBook Air Fall 2017, which let the fans down.

How so? Well, the laptop seemed to come with the most minimal updates possible which showed that there was not a lot of work put into the project which then translated into people not paying that much attention to it. What did they do as improvements to the laptop? Well, they improved the speed of the laptop by adding a new Intel CPU and they doubled the amount of RAM that the original laptop had.

MacBook instead of MacBook Air

It looks like Apple is slowly trying to steer away people’s attention from the MacBook Air and onto the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Why are we saying this? Well, because these laptops come with way better features that keep getting improved year after year. For example, they both have Retina displays and the latest model of the MacBook Pro even has more processing power than the MacBook Air.

Now that does not mean that the MacBook Pro and normal MacBook are flawless, there have been a number of complaints done in the past about them, one of the most relevant ones being the fact that the keyboards of the laptops could be completely rendered unusable by a simple speck of dust that got behind them.

Better options from other competitors

Now, when we are thinking about the fact that there are other options out there on the market from some of Apple’s biggest competitors we can begin to understand why people have stopped gravitating towards buying MacBook Airs. One such example is Dell which has the XPS 13 available on the market that offers a lot of good features for the price of one thousand dollars.

The future for MacBook Air

The fact that Apple did not make any official statement about cutting down the MacBook Air line means that they are probably working on a better version of it which will soon be launched. This brings us to the main topic of the article, namely all the rumors that we have heard about the MacBook Air of 2018. Yes, we are calling them rumors since Apple was unwilling to confirm any of the information that is already circulating online.

The low price of somewhere below one thousand dollars

A normally priced MacBook Air retails for around 1,000 dollars. Now, retail stress that wants to sell them off faster would price these laptops at either 750 or 800 dollars which we believe is one of the biggest indicators of MacBook Air’s popularity. Now, recent reports suggest that the new MacBook Air is going to be even cheaper than the current one. We do not know how much but we do know that it will be less than one thousand dollars.

Possible release date

Last year we heard a report that the big tech company was going to release their brand new laptop in the first half of 2018, the possible event where this could have taken place is the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Now, new reports state that we could be seeing the latest MacBook Air being released during the third quarter of 2018, which falls during the months of July, August, and September, meaning that there is a high chance that Apple is going to release this laptop along with their new line of phones.

Possible redesign and updates

We do not expect Apple to fully revamp the look of MacBook Air but we do believe that the company is going to revamp the laptop’s design and features in some form or another. Whether that is a faster processor, more RAM or a bigger display, we can expect any of these things to happen.

We can expect the famous slim and weightless design to make a comeback since it is one of Apple’s biggest features. Now, some people were wondering if we would ever see Apple be so daring as to introduce a touchscreen instead of the regular one that they have, which would entail that we could get to enjoy other features being added onto the touchscreen which would be more difficult to be introduced into a regular one.

However, that is only a mere thought and we do not believe that the MacBook Air that will be launched this year is going to come with this feature but we certainly hope that this would happen in the future.



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