MacBook 2017 vs. iPad Pro 2017 – Impressive Core Performance

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the 2017 edition, is nearing its grand finale soon. There have been many interesting announcements and reveals during it, and it has thus become pretty obvious that Apple have big plans in store for the near future. One of the most impressive unveilings that took place at this year’s WWDC was the new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro 2, as the rumors called it for months anticipating the event, is a refreshed version of the already established iPads Pro that launched in 2015 and 2016.

The new device comes in two display variants, the 10.5-inch and the 12.9-inch. It encapsulates pretty impressive technology for a mere tablet, and we have to say that we’re impressed. And we’re not the only ones. People are so impressed with it that they’re actually comparing it to a laptop, Apple’s own MacBook in the latest 2017 edition. But is it truly better than it? Let’s find out.

Impressive Core Performance

Without further ado, our answer to the previous question is a strong yes, and it’s all due to core performance. The iPad Pro 2017 manages to outweigh the MacBook due to its state of the art ARM chipset that is produced by Apple itself. The processor in question is the A10X Fusion, a stunning 2.36GHz piece of work that throws the MacBook’s antiquated Intel out of the competition with great ease.

The Intel core that the MacBook 2017 runs on is specifically made for lightweight computers, and the MacBook is a lightweight laptop par excellence. However, with it being so light, it also means that it has the specs of an advanced tablet at best. This is why the new iPad Pro clearly wins this battle. So if you were planning of getting n Apple device, we strongly recommend the new iPad Pro.

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